New year is so close!

New year is so close!

New Year spirit is always lives with good hopes, best wishes for ourselves and our loved-ones, and of course fun new year activities!

We’re developing our Craftty project, working hard, and we bring you something as a little new year present.

Here is a Santa paper-toy, fun to create and keeps you company during new year.

You can print the design below, just fold it and create your own Santa.

Happy New Year….


Craftty is on air!

Can you imagine yourself  4 inch tall, cuter and lighter?

With Craftty, you can, and we are on air.

You can design the virtual-real cardboard figures look like you, people you like and you can print and give life to them, in easiest way.

For fun, for quality time for your children, or as a gift.

Try now.



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